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Forex, Gold/Silver Spots, Forwards and Options

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  • Forex Spot
The currency market is a huge market with an estimated USD 3.5 trillion traded everyday. This is far larger than both Stock and Futures markets combined with 145 Forex currency crosses.
Investors have access to margin trading with very low margin requirements (%4), very competitive Bid/Ask spreads and superior liquidity, they trade on streaming executable rates and know what price a trade will be dealt on up front.

  • Gold/Silver Spots

Investors are able to trade Gold spot and Silver spot versus US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Australian dollar and Hong Kong dollar – or trade Gold and Silver Options, Futures contracts or Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs). Spot Gold and Silver are traded through the Forex Trade Module in Maxis Trader.

Spot Commodities allow investors to short sell as easily as taking a long position and can also be traded by Market, Limit and Stop orders. With low margin requirements, individuals need to deposit as little as 2% of the trade value in collateral.
  • Forex Forward Outrights
FX forward Outrights are for purchase or sale of currencies at a fixed settlement date in the future. Forwards Outrights are typically used for Forex trades with settlement dates longer than the fixed two-day settlement date for spot trades.

Almost the entire range of Forex Spot crosses is available as Forward outrights with live tradable prices.

Forex Forward Outrights enables investors to take advantage of the interest rate differentials between two currencies, as well as hedging foreign exchange exposure and commercial risks to offset exchange rate fluctuations for a foreign currency transaction at some date in the future. 
Please click here to view FX pairs that can be traded on the platform
  • Forex Options
FX Options can be used to facilitate a number of trading strategies on a medium to long-term investment timeline, as well as offering excellent opportunities for hedging spot positions. Forex Options are available for currency crosses (almost 40 currency pairs), Gold and Silver against the USD.

MaxisTrader supports New York cut Forex Options which expire at 10:00am New York time. For Options that are ‘in the money’ at expiry, MaxisTrader automatically exercises the Option and converts it to a spot position without the need for any intervention.

The majority of vanilla Options also can be executed directly on live price quotes without dealer intervention with automatic exercise of Options on expiry.