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  • Stocks

Investors can trade on live prices from many exchanges on request (delayed prices often available) and benefit from MaxisTrader policy of allowing up to 60% of the collateral invested in certain stocks to be used for margin trading activities (Forex trading and CFD trading).

For example, if a trader has Stocks with a value of USD 10,000, they can use USD 6,000 of this collateral for trading Forex or CFDs. The re-use of collateral depends on the risk rating of the Stock.

MaxisTrader provides hedge currency exposure of stock investments by trading FX from the same account and also advanced charting and technical analysis tools covering all markets to support traders and investors.

Additionally, Smaller Lot Trade is available on MaxisTrader over 11,500 Stocks from 22 major exchanges, including the world's most important markets.


  • ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) are tradable on live prices through MaxisTrader that provides almost 850 ETFs/ETCs listed on stock exchanges, traded and settled like stocks.

Availability of Inverse ETFs allow investors to potentially benefit on falling prices and Leveraged ETFs offer a fixed amount of leverage on certain securities.

ETC is based on an index of a commodity or a basket of commodities that has low cost (yearly Management Expense Rates as low as 0.39% for some ETCs) and high liquidity (Matching the underlying commodities physical or futures markets).
ETCs do not require margin calls or need to roll contracts and they do not have the risk of delivery associated with Futures.

Please be advised that product information given above do not include all ETFs available on the platform. Please contact us if you need any further information.